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In June 2022, CRUSH of Iowa opened the door on the Recovery Community Center of Linn County, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. This peer led center offers a safe place for individuals to improve their wellness and strive to reach their full potential. The recovery center utilizes the drop in center approach.

Our Mission

CRUSH of Iowa is a community based non-profit organization that is focused on providing support, resources, education, and referrals for individuals whose lives have been impacted by substance use disorders of all types. CRUSH provides a multiple pathways approach where the key question is, “What does recovery look like to you?” CRUSH of Iowa was built on the premise that there is more than one way to recover and that when the recovery community, including family and friends, self-help groups, treatment providers, community programs and agencies, come together, a connection is made that greatly enhances the chances for long term recovery.

Debbie smiling in a blue shirt next to her husband Rod smiling in a plaid shirt at a CRUSH event.
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Debbie and Lindsay Powers holding an image of Debbie's son, Chad.

What is an RCC?

Recovery Community Centers are local organizations that link members of the recovery community to different support services and recovery resources near them. RCCs have physical locations, connect people in recovery to the resources they need, help to de-stigmatize recovery, and host events and provide advocacy for people in recovery.

Many RCCs partner with the community and local agencies in order to ensure they have the right resources for you. CRUSH Recovery Community Center utilizes a peer centered approach that promotes recovery is possible through recovery support services, advocacy, outreach, and telephone recovery support.

Chad's Story

Chad's Story

Crush is a Narcan Pickup Location

Narcan is a potentially life-saving harm-reduction resource that can save the lives of persons in overdose. We have periodic trainings for Narcan by a licensed professional. Call or stop in to find out the frequency and quantity available for pickup, and check the calendar for training times.


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